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Coordinating Council Election results


Mid-City CAN is pleased to share the results of the Mid-City CAN Coordinating Council Election 2010. Congratulations to our new Coordinating Council Members and thank you to all the candidates who participated. New Coordinating Council Members will be contacted shortly by Mid-City CAN staff with more information. Thank you again to all who participated, voted, and helped make the Mid-City CAN Coordinating Council Elections 2010 a success.


Armando Catano, Teacher - Monroe Clark Middle School

As a new immigrant in 1989, Armando Catano has held various jobs including working as a migrant worker, janitor, and clerk. With hard work and dedication, Armando eventually received his teaching credential and Masters degree from SDSU. Since realizing his dream of becoming a teacher, he has devoted himself to working in City Heights and has been a teacher at Monroe Clark Middle School since the 1997 City Heights Pilot (City Heights Educational Collaborative). In addition to his work as a teacher in City Heights, Armando's leadership includes being actively involved in numerous community organizations, such as Latinos y Latinas en Acción, Proyecto Casas Saludables, Latinos Unidos Human Rights Committee, CABE, ARE and many others. Being on the Coordinating Council would allow Armando to continue transforming young minds to challenge the status quo and work towards changing systems that serve as gatekeepers for City Heights' residents.

Becky Modesto

Becky Modesto has been a resident of City Heights for seven years. She is a mother of four and loves involving her family in a variety of community events, programs, and service projects. She works at Point Loma Nazarene University and enjoys engaging her students with several different non-profits in the City Heights area. She has been serving on the Coordinating Council for the last two years, including this year as Co-Chair and would love the opportunity to continue serving in this capacity.

Kristi Evans, Project Manager - Consumer Center for Health Education & Advocacy

Kristi Evans received her undergraduate in Community Health Education from the University of Texas, and Masters in Public Health from Emory University. As the current Project Manager, Kristi has developed and implemented the Intergenerational Health Advocacy Project where she supervises 50+ "at promise" City Heights' youth. She is also a skilled bilingual (English/Spanish) translator and interpreter. In addition, Kristi's leadership in the community includes being a Co-Chair of the Senior Momentum Team. As a longtime member of Mid-City CAN, serving on the Coordinating Council would be an opportunity to collaborate more extensively and intensely with other members in an effort to expand and improve the quality of life for the current and future residents of City Heights.

Yasmin Hamud, Novelist & Executive Director- Nomad Diaries & Bridging Communities

In addition to her responsibilities as the Executive Director at the Center for Bridging Communities, Yasmin Hamud conducts home visits, translates medication instructions, helps Somali women take walks, and in the middle of the night she may find herself in the emergency room with a resident. Yasmin understands that there are no good or bad times for what the community may need from her and wants to serve on the Coordinating Council to assure that the needs of immigrant communities are understood. She also wants to ensure that programs that are directed towards immigrant communities and as a whole benefit the communities they are intended for.

Rosa Olascoaga

Rosa Olascoaga is a high school student and member of the Mid-City CAN Youth Council. She has lived in City Heights all her life. Rosa has been an active and involved member in the community since she was thirteen years old. As a member of the Mid-City CAN Youth Council she launched the project "Light-Up City Heights" to get the City of San Diego to replace broken street lights to make our neighborhoods safer. She loves participating in community service activities especially here in City Heights. Rosa also loves planning and taking part in community events. The reason she is running for Coordinating Council is because she can provide a fresh youth perspective. She wants her voice to be heard and believes it would be a really good learning experience.

Jen Henry, Program Manager - Consensus Organizing Center

Jen Henry has been in and around the City Heights area for the past 6 years. She works well in a group and listens to others to move goals forward. She values being a part of City Heights and is running for Coordinating Council because she enjoys being in a team that is truly working on what it values. She is currently a Coordinating Council Co-Chair, member of the School Attendance Momentum Team, and often facilitates for the Networking Council.

Evie Kosower

Evie Kosower has worked in multicultural communities as an educator. She has taught school, trained teachers, and managed programs in a county pediatric department. She is an active member in her neighborhood association and serves on the City Heights Town Council. After becoming involved with Mid-City CAN, she organized the Senior Momentum Team and actively participates as a member of the Resident Momentum Team. She would like to continue the efforts of bringing positive changes to City Heights by serving as a member on the Coordinating Council.

About the Mid-City CAN Coordinating Council

The Coordinating Council serves as the governing body of the Mid-City Community Advocacy Network, and is responsible for setting the overall direction, policy, and fundraising, for the collaborative. Coordinating Council leadership consists of two co-chairs and a secretary. The overall Council is made up of 15 representatives elected from the general membership. In addition, one representative from the fiscal agent (SAY, San Diego), one Community Liaison from the Central Region of San Diego County Health and Human Services Agency, and the Collaborative Director.

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