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Coordinating Council is an opportunity to learn to lead

Carolyn Pinces enjoys supporting health in City Heights and benefits from the leadership development she gets on the Mid-City CAN Coordinating Council.On Dec 10, Mid-City CAN will have elections to add three new resident Coordinating Council members from the City Heights community and two organizational representatives. Results will be announced on Dec. 18. People interested in voting must be members by 5 p.m. Nov. 18. Candidates must submit a two-page application by 5 p.m. Oct. 15. Candidates must be a registered member of Mid-City CAN and be able to attend meetings of the Coordinating Council on the first Tuesday of each month from 4-5:30 p.m. for the entire three-year term. For more details and to download an application go to midcitycan.org/about

Coordinating Council Member Carolyn Pinces, an organizational representative from Planned Parenthood, talks about why she serves.

By Carolyn Pinces

The Coordinating Council is the governing body for Mid-City CAN. We meet monthly and talk about different issues affecting Mid-City CAN the organization as well as the community. And try to come up with processes and initiatives that will make the organization more effective in the community and bring people together and have effective conversations and actions in the community.

We also approve budgets, and oversee the organization and what it does. It is a great leadership opportunity. You get to learn the inner workings of an organization and how it operates. Collaborative Director Diana Ross reports to us. She really looks to us for input on different initiatives and things going on with Mid-City CAN.

I've been on the Coordinating Council for almost two years. I chose to be a part of the Coordinating Council because I really support what Mid-City CAN does. It is very in touch with residents in the community and really does a good job of bringing residents, organizations and businesses together to have one dialog. This was a great way to be a part of that, and then, outside of my involvement with the organization, I just wanted professional development to learn what it was like to be on a governing board. What really goes on behind closed doors of an organization? How does it operate? What kind of big decisions does the CEO face?

If you are thinking about running, go for it because you're going to learn a lot about how to run an organization and are going learn skills that you can use any aspect of your life, even if you're not planning on running your own nonprofit organization. You will still learn leadership development, you'll learn how to run meetings, how to plan events, how to make big picture decisions on the future of an organization. It also has really good networking opportunities. So if you are interested in City Heights or in community organizing you should do it. You meet a lot of people in that area and make a lot of really good connections, which can help you personally and professionally. It is not a huge time commitment, but you have a really large contribution.

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