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Mid-City CAN elects five leaders to Coordinating Council

On Dec. 11 about 50 Mid-City CAN members came to the Scripps City Heights Wellness Center to cast their votes for the leadership board of Mid-City CAN, called the Coordinating Council.

Five seats were open – two for organizational members and three for residents. Cynthia Hernandez, a Patrick Henry High School who lives in City Heights, won a resident seat.

“I want to be a part of [Mid-City CAN] because I think it is important how it has youth opinions,” she said.

Abdulrahim Mohamed, who has lived in City Heights since 2002 and is pursuing an MBA, won another seat.

“We are trying to develop ways through collaboration to” advance the community, said Mohamed. “I know Mid-City CAN is a great organization.”

Evie Kosower, who has lived in Azalea Park in City Heights since 2004 and currently serves on the board, was reelected to her resident seat.

“I think Mid-City CAN is a tremendous vehicle to get communities together to get stuff done,” Kosower said.

Sarah Saez, program director and community organizer at the United Taxi Workers of San Diego, won one of the two organizational seats.

“I really appreciate the momentum teams and the work they are doing in the community,” Saez said. “ I want to be closer to their organizing efforts”.

Yasmeen Maxamuud, executive director of the Center for Bridging Communities, was reelected to the board.

“Collaborating and including residents is very, very important to me,” Maxamuud said. “It is dear to my heart that the larger community, as diverse as it is, is seen within the context of what organizations do, and I think that is what Mid-City CAN does extremely well.”

The Coordinating Council serves as the governing body of the Mid-City Community Advocacy Network, and is responsible for setting the overall direction, policy, and fundraising, for the collaborative. The overall Council is made up of 15 representatives elected from the general membership. In addition, one representative from the fiscal agent (SAY, San Diego), one Community Liaison from the Central Region of San Diego County Health and Human Services Agency and the Collaborative Director of Mid-City CAN.

Cynthia Hernandez

Cynthia HernandezI currently attend Patrick Henry High School. I have lived in City Heights for 17 years. I have been a member of Mid-City CAN Youth Council for more than a year. I not only have participated in the program and the events that are held to help our community, but I also have done other volunteering work and things that shape who I am today. I always like having to do something that will help make everybody happy, as well as myself. I am a person who likes to be involved with my community to have a better future.

Evie Kosower

Evie KosowerThough born in New York, I spent most of my life in Los Angeles. After retiring from a multifaceted career in education, I moved to San Diego in 2004 at the urging of one of my two daughters who lives in Azalea Park. Skills developed over the years include writing and administering grants, designing and implementing programs (including some for youth leadership training), conducting research and evaluating programs, facilitating groups (some multicultural) in both my professional and community life. In recent years, I have been a state and local leader for issues that affect us all as we age. There are skills I use in various capacities in my activities in San Diego. My interest in other cultures led me to travel extensively. I believe one must continue to learn and advocate for what one believes is fair and just in society.

Abdulrahim Mohamed

Abdulrahim MohamedMy name is Abdulrahim Mohamed and I have lived in City Heights since 2002. I went to Hoover High School, received my Bachelors Degree in Kinesiology from San Diego State University, and am currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Business Administration with a focus on Project Management, from Keller Graduate School of Management. I am a man who strives to seek wisdom, insight and perspective to become spiritually enlightened. I like to play sports, live the freshness and beauty of nature, and enjoy affecting lives through advocacy. I am a community representative for Improving Transportation in City Heights Momentum Team. I update my community members about the progress of the implementation phase of the Youth Opportunity (Bus) Pass, so they can become an active part in achieving a universal bus pass program regionally. My goal one day is to become a motivational speaker to galvanize crowds and inspire people, as well as myself, to be passionate in taking ownership of their lives.

Yasmeen Maxamuud

Yasmeen MaxamuudYasmeen Maxamuud is the Executive Director of the Center for Bridging Communities, a nonprofit organization that works closely with Somali immigrant families in San Diego. Yasmeen is very involved with the Somali community and the issues that confront the Somali residents in City Heights. Yasmeen is also a chairperson of the East African Collaborative, which is an umbrella organization for the eight East African organizations in City Heights. Yasmeen is engaged with the larger East African community through workshops, and events to raise awareness on the Affordable Care Act. Yasmeen is also an author. Her second novel concentrates on family dynamics involving power, greed and survival as the 16-year-old protagonist tries to save her family from the abyss of evil that unfolds around her and her neighbors. It's a fantasy and romance novel for young adults.

Sarah Saez

Sarah SaezSarah Saez 2013 Mid City CAN Coordinating Council CandidateMy name is Sarah, I'm the Program Director and Community Organizer at the United Taxi Workers of San Diego. I've been working with them for three years now. We empower taxi drivers to take ownership over their working conditions. I'm also a graduate student at University of San Diego for nonprofit management and leadership. I would love to be able to bring my community organization background and my experience with nonprofits to the Mid-City CAN Coordinating Council.

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