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Mid-City CAN Open House

 Mid-City CAN’s door opened wide to the community of City Heights on Tuesday, September 29 for an Open House. Dozens of residents, staff, and organizations showed up to connect with each other.

People pose in the photo booth at Mid-City CAN's Open House.
 People pose in the photo booth at Mid-City CAN's Open House.

People wrote their favorite memories of living and working in City Heights on a memory wall, took pictures in the photo boot, and sang karaoke. Youth Council and Momentum Team members brought friends and family to see the office, meet the staff, and build relationships with various organizations interested in Mid-City CAN’s campaigns.

City Heights Needs More Voters

Volunteers from all over the country took to the streets on Tuesday, September 22nd for National Voter Registration Day. Nowhere is this push for voters more relevant than here in City Heights where much the diverse population is unregistered.  Mid-City Community Advocacy Network spread out into four different sections of City Heights, with each Momentum Team in charge of one section, registering dozens of community members and gathering support from many more.

Community members gather on the corner of 50th st. and University Ave. to register to vote.
Community members gather on the corner of 50th Street and University Avenue to register to vote.

The Access to Healthcare Momentum Team set up on the corner of University Avenue and 50th Street, where many people in the Somali community congregate. Registering people from other countries is especially important, since many have never had the opportunity or the translation to aide in the registration process.

The Food Justice Momentum Team registered students at Crawford High School, where the Halal Chicken Campaign has bonded students and empowered them to take steps for social justice.

Mid-City CAN Youth Council Members engage in National Voter Registration Day outside the City Heights Library
Mid-City CAN Youth Council Members engage in National Voter Registration Day outside the City Heights Library.

The Mid-City CAN Youth Council set up outside of the City Heights Library to engage people of all ages. Youth empowerment in the political process is still significant before youth reach the legal U.S. voting age, and youth enjoy encouraging adults to use their right to vote for those who may not have it.  

The Peace Promotion Momentum Team rallied around the Black Cat Bar on University Avenue, where a food truck sold discount tacos especially for those interested in participating in actively pursuing political change.

In total, 61 community members registered to vote, and many more people pledged to be further involved in the election process. Now, the real work begins: following up with each of these voters to make sure they show up to the polls on Election Day. If you or anyone else you know needs to register to vote, stop by the Mid-City CAN Office.


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